January 13, 2022 Frank Paul Miranda

Frank Paul Miranda | 2022-01-12 18:22:02

"John G. Moser & Son has a fantastic team that is knowledgeable and transparent. After meeting with Mike Moser it is obvious that he genuinly cares about his his clients and projects. In addition to caring about their projects they complete, the qulaity of the product that they produce is second to none! I am proud to stongly recomending John G. Moser & Son to anyone looking to complete a Residential or Commercial construction project!"
November 1, 2021 Kevin Peyton

2021-12-29 | 16:03:17

"We have had work done on our house a couple of times by the Mosers. This most recent time, they put an addition, on our house to include a new bathroom and bedroom on the first floor. Each time, my expectations were exceeded in the areas of their professionalism, work ethic, personal ethics, planning, communication, responsibility and respect. You hear some horror stories about contractors. I would guarantee any day of the week, that if the Mosers had been involved the situation would have been resolved if not prevented completely. We consider the Mosers friends of more than 20 years."
October 8, 2021 Ryan Connor

2021-10-28 | 19:42:57

"I have been lucky enough to have John G. Moser & Son work on both residential and commercial projects for me and I couldn’t have been happier with the work completed, it was exactly as I envisioned and BETTER due to their knowledge. The attention to detail and professionalism is hard to find and you can tell they truly care about every job and only providing the best service. Hire them for anything and everything if you want it done right the first time with the highest quality possible, that’s exactly what you’ll get."
September 8, 2021 James Walters

"Mike Moser from John G Moser & Sons truly knows his industry, his passion truly shows with the quality of work and commitment he provides his customers! On their website they quote “We put our hearts and souls into everything we build.” I couldn’t agree more! I would highly recommend John G Moser & Sons for any work you need completing on your home or business!"
September 8, 2021 Amanda N O'Connor

"THE. EXPERTS. Highly recommend. Very professional and knowledgeable."