Is It Time for Office Renovations? Here Are Some Things to Consider

If your employees are returning to the office, you may be considering upgrading your office space. This can be as simple as putting on a fresh, new coat of paint, or it may be more complex, like removing walls to create an open office environment.

Whatever your plans may be, we have some office renovation tips and tricks to help you along the way.


Just like your business has a mission, so should your renovations. Perhaps the most important office renovation considerations are about what you hope to achieve with these changes.

Think about your audience first: Are the renovations to help customers feel welcomed? Are they to improve employee retention? Are they intended to boost employee productivity?

The answers to these questions will determine how much effort, time and money you can expect to expend on the renovations. Some changes are simpler than others, so it’s important to carefully delineate your goals before getting started.


Once you have your goals down, now it’s time to think about how much you’re willing to spend—in both time and money. If all you want are a few aesthetic changes, you’re likely going to spend less and have a shorter time frame.

For more complex renovations, working with a contractor to get a quote ahead of time is a smart idea. You should also consider how long the work will go on for. The cost of renovation can be high, and without careful planning, productivity may take a temporary hit. This may be an ideal time to put work-from-home procedures back in place.


Many people like to jump to aesthetics when considering renovations for their home or office—but the reality is that, in the business world, practical matters win the day. You want to be sure all your employees have adequate space to do their work comfortably. You’ll also need to consider how much storage space is needed. Then, when it comes to style, you want the ambience of the final product to be conducive to work and in line with everything else that constitutes the office, from furniture to equipment and decor.

What the future holds

As much as possible, you want these renovations to be future-proof. Don’t just consider what your business needs now—think about what you’ll need 10 years from now. If you plan to grow and expand the number of employees, consider how your current physical space will be able to accommodate these plans. You also want to seek out renovations with a high return on investment should your company decide to put the property on the market.

We hope these office renovation tips and tricks are useful for your business. At John G. Moser & Son, Inc., we can work through both simple and complex changes to your offices so that your employees feel more welcome back in the workplace.

As it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and recruit employees, investing in a healthy and welcoming office setting may help you lead your company into the future. Give us a call right now to learn about our full-service commercial contractor services and request a quote.