Ideas for Revitalizing Your Waiting Area

Getting ready to make waiting area renovations? Whether you run a medical practice or a busy office, the condition and quality of your waiting room can make or break your clients’ first impressions.

If your waiting area is looking tired or dated, here are some of the best waiting room updates that can make the space more accommodating for your clients.

Plan your layout around traffic flow

As you plan your waiting room updates, start by getting a clear idea of traffic flow in the space. Consider how your clients or customers enter and exit the room, and make sure these spots are clearly identified and easily navigable even if your guests haven’t visited your space before.

Work with a reputable commercial renovator who understands how to plan a waiting area around the flow of foot traffic. If you have a practice that requires privacy, include one-way pathways in the design to protect client anonymity.

Direct traffic toward reception

The reception desk is the first thing your clients should notice upon entering your office. Carefully consider how to integrate this important focal point into your renovation, and base your immediate considerations around both functional and technological concerns.

It’s helpful to get the opinion of your receptionists and clients about how you can improve their experience. Above all, make sure your reception area is inviting and clean. Factor in your storage needs and solutions to reduce clutter and keep client records in a safe space.

Provide comfortable seating

After the reception desk, chairs are the most important consideration when designing a waiting area. Not only do your waiting room chairs need to look attractive, clean and professional, but they also need to be comfortable. You also need to consider potential occupancy on your busiest times of day, making sure there’s adequate seating for everyone.

Make the decor inviting

Waiting rooms of the past are cold and sterile. If you want your waiting area to be comfortable for both your clients and your staff, invest in some updates that make the space friendlier and more inviting. Just a few ideas include:

  • Color palette: Calming, neutral tones are perfect for waiting rooms—they’re great color selections for reducing patient anxiety. Let a neutral color scheme guide you as you choose furniture, fixtures and other aesthetic elements for the space.
  • Lighting: Carefully-planned lighting can enhance your visitor experience, especially if you use a lighting strategy that features low, warm light. Avoid artificial lights, especially fluorescent lights, and try to play up the natural light in the space as much as possible by using visual tricks like well-placed mirrors to boost ambient light and make the room feel bigger.
  • Furniture: Set your waiting area apart by including unique pieces of furniture or art in the design of your space. Make tasteful selections that appeal to a wide range of visitors.

Ready to invest in some waiting area renovations to make your space more comfortable and accommodating for your clients? Contact John G. Moser & Son, Inc. today. We have several decades of commercial renovation experience, offering attention to detail and quality workmanship with every project.