These 2022 Bathroom Trends Work with Every Decorating Style

Is your bathroom looking a little too sparse or plain as of late? Are you looking forward to sprucing it up with an aesthetic update? Then you need to know the new exciting trends in bathroom remodeling!

Here are some of the top bathroom trends of 2022 if you think it’s time for a change. 

Motion-Detection Sensors

No, you’re not adding motion-detecting security cameras in your bathroom! You can bring in motion-detection-everything else, though. Like tapless faucets, light settings, or even toilet flushes!

2022 is all about hands-free, touch-free technology. And with all the frequent handwashing you’re supposed to do anyway, this might save you some trouble.

Technology Upgrades

Speaking of technology, there’s plenty more of them making their way into your bathrooms. From shower speakers to heated/cooled floors or even massaging showers, you can look forward to experiencing the future right here, right now, in your bathroom.

Personal Spas

We’re all about that balance nowadays. Work hard, then spend some quality "me time." Personal spas have become such a huge thing for 2022, especially given how so many people want to refresh and rejuvenate in their personal spaces for refuge. Even a small nook of spa heaven would do. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, although having amenities like an infrared sauna or hot tub would definitely sound good.

Clean and Raw Natural Textures

To truly have that relaxing feeling, incorporating clean and raw aesthetics is perfect for your bathroom. The natural textures can definitely boost that minimalist, uncluttered aesthetic, perfect for those who would like a much-needed break from their never-ending screen time at work.

Statement Lighting Pieces

Whether or not you go minimalist in design, you’ll never go wrong with statement lighting pieces. Add some wow factor to your space with a dazzling chandelier. This year, it’s all about making them the focal point of your bathroom. It’s surely a huge plus if you have high ceilings, so why not use it for a fantastic-looking chandelier, right?

If your bathroom doesn’t have the height for a chandelier, then at least go for good-looking vanity lighting. Gone are the days when you have drab, dull lighting in your bathroom. Now, you can have as many as you’d like, in varying brightness and sharpness, if you’d like. Gotta be selfie-ready anytime, right? At least make sure your bathroom selfies are on point.

These are a few of the new, fun things you can look forward to in bathroom remodeling for 2022. The best part about them is that you can keep them for even longer. As long as you execute the design well, these trends can serve you even beyond 2022.