Tips To Help Avoid Delays on Your Home Addition

You’re ready to start planning a new addition. This can be an exciting time, but, how do you avoid those pesky home addition delays you’ve heard others complaining about? Delays can happen on almost any project, big or small. You can take steps to help cut down on some of these problems. This quick guide will provide you with some tips for remodeling and how to avoid delays on home additions. 

Choose Your Contractor Carefully

The contractor you choose will make all the difference in the world. Do your research to pick a contractor that is reputable and has a history of getting work done on time. Talk with friends and family you know who have recently had work done. Who do they recommend? Who do they warn you to stay away from? This is important information in your decision-making process.

Plan Carefully

It is better to take more time during the planning process. If you rush this part of the process, you will wind up slowing down later to make up for it. When plans are not laid out carefully ahead of time, you will eventually run into obstacles that were not planned for. The longer you take to plan out your project, the more opportunity you give yourself to plan for problems and develop solutions ahead of time.

Obtain Permits Carefully

One of the biggest delays that homeowners face when building an addition is obtaining the proper permits. You cannot complete a home addition in most places without permits. There can be a waiting list for these. It is best to do this step first so that you are not starting and stopping along the way.

Create a Timeline Carefully

You should not jump into a home addition project without a clear timeline in view. You will need to discuss the timeline carefully with your contractor so that you are both on the same page concerning when milestones should be hit and when you want your project completed. You do need to be flexible, but having the initial timeline on the table helps everyone know what is expected of them.

Consider a Change Carefully

If you get into the thick of your project and start noticing that delays are still popping up at an alarming rate, you will need to make an important choice. Do you stick with the contractor delaying the project, or do you ditch them and hire a new one? This can be a difficult decision to make. Once you have established a working relationship with a contractor, you may be hesitant to fire them. Taking on a new contractor will mean trying to play catch up to fill them in on your project.

You will need to consider how much delay you are willing to endure with your current contractor. Although bringing in a new person will also cause a bit of a delay, it could be worthwhile in the long run.