When Is the Best Time of Year To Remodel Your Home?

A home renovation takes time and money and a little strategic planning. If you have a home project on your mind, you are probably wondering when is the best time to remodel a house or take on certain projects. This quick guide will provide you with a guide explaining which types of projects are ideal for each month of this year. You can use this guide as a starting point to help you plan out the best season to remodel your house. Let’s get started.


January is an ideal time to take on flooring projects. Flooring companies usually offer great deals around the new year, so you can probably get the best bargain then.


February is a great time to take on big projects such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel. During the winter months, most contractors have more availability than in the summer or spring. Materials are also more readily available in the winter as well. Take advantage of this slow season to get your projects finished.


March is often known for unpredictable weather. This will make March a less-than-ideal time for outdoor projects such as landscaping. However, there are other outdoor tasks you can take on. For instance, repairing or replacing gutters is a good idea this time of year. Heavy spring rains are just around the corner, so this is an important aspect of home maintenance you should not ignore.


By April, you are probably dreaming of summer entertaining again. This is a good time to give your outdoor living spaces a facelift. Decks, patios, porches, and fences are important aspects of your outdoor living space. Focus on how to make the space more functional and welcoming to your summer guests.


May is the time to focus on your HVAC units. This is a great time to have a tune-up done, maintenance, and repairs. Don’t wait until the middle of summer to have these important home maintenance items checked off your list. HVAC professionals are usually swamped in the summer, and prices can get high.


June is often a good time to focus on window replacements. If you have old, outdated windows, it could be affecting your energy efficiency. New windows will keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. There are often tax incentives in many states to encourage homeowners to install newer energy-efficient windows as well. Do some research to see if your window investments qualify.


A warm, cozy fire may be the last thing on your mind in sweaty July, but it is a good time to focus on fireplace maintenance. This is the off-season for fireplace specialists, which means you will get easier scheduling and better pricing.


August is the month to take on exterior painting. Long periods of dry weather mean you can be sure your paint will dry properly.

Autumn (Sept-Nov)

Use the autumn months to focus on jobs such as garage door repairs or replacement, roof maintenance, and landscaping.


If there are any leftover projects you didn’t get around to during the year, you can usually get a great deal during December. Contractors usually have very little work during this time, so they are willing to offer good deals to attract customers.

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